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Basics of investing.

 When you decide to let your money start working for you, there are certain fundamentals you need to put into consideration before taking the leap. We will explore some ways of becoming a success in your investment journey.

 Be realistic about your goals.

 Think about what your goals are and ask yourself how investing will help you achieve them. When you’re starting out, you are better off setting short term investment goals of between 1 to 3 years. You can later increase the timeline to long term investment goals. Write down your investment goals, set a target and timelines and how you hope to achieve them.

 Review what is available in the market.

Do not go into the investment field blind. Do your homework, and consider getting an investment specialist to guide you on the journey. There are so many options available in the market and you need to have a clear understanding of each one of them so that you pick the one that will be likely to give you good returns.

 You cannot use the past to predict how the future will be, the investment market tends to fluctuate and what may have a poor performance record in the past could be the money maker in the future.

Know what the balance between risk and return is.

If you want high returns, you will have to be willing to take on more risk. Unfortunately, high risk investments can be very stressful because of the fluctuations but in the long-run they tend to yield better results. Know what kind of an investor you are, and what your attitude towards risk is, and whether you’ll be able to handle the ups and downs that come with investment. There are many online tests you can take that will help you understand your risk behaviour.

Once you know your investment personality, you can then decide upon the kind of risk you want to take.

Pick the right mix of investments.

Allocate your assets to your personality type. Some people are comfortable taking on one kind of investment, while others like to mix and match hoping for greater returns from each investment choice. If you are to pick more than one investment type, make sure that the mix is good enough to give you proper projections on what you can hope to achieve in the end.

 Get many baskets for your eggs.

The biggest mistake most   new investors make is to put all their eggs in one basket. You need to spread your risk as much as possible by diversifying your portfolio, for instance, do not buy a stake in only one company, try and buy shares from different companies in a variety of industries  and even countries  as a way of protecting your money.

 Understand how investments work.

Start investing early, the longer your time frame the more you can hope to achieve from investments. Keep on adding to what you have set aside so that you continue to build your nest egg.

Start your investment journey earlier and save for later years. Remember, in investment, there is nothing like having too little money.